Woman looking at phone for travel cancellations at airport while wearing face mask

COVID-19: The endgame, and how to get there


by John Daley

Ten of thousands of lives depend on the policy choices Australia makes now. None of the options is pleasant, but one is less bad than the others.


24 March 2020

COVID-19: We’re running out of time to use Endgame C

To drive infections down, Australia needs political commitment, decisive action, and clear communications — and we need it fast.


18 March 2020

COVID-19: The five coming challenges for our hospitals

If the more gloomy predictions about COVID-19 become reality, then our hospitals – and the people they serve – could be in for a tough time.


27 March 2020

The economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19: webinar

In this free webinar, a panel of policy experts from the Grattan Institute will provide measured, informed, evidence-based perspective on the economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19.


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